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Llamas and Camelids

Buy This Book Alpacas
Learn everything you could want to know about Alpacas. Breed, find and sell your Alpacas here.

Camelid Health and Vets
This page has a list of some common health problems and treatments as well as a large list of veterinarians that are licensed to practice on llamas, alpacas and other Camelids.

Llamas Information
This is a great site dedicated to informing potential owners and owners about llama care. Find out how to train your llama, what to look for in llama and more.

A great llama resource. Hundreds of articles and link on Llama care.

Pigs / Pot Bellied Pigs

Buy This Book Pig Health
Information about health care for all species of pig, including pot-bellied pigs.

Pot Bellied Pig FAQ
Read this before you buy your pig! This site has some great articles about care and behavior of pot bellied pigs and some before you buy information.

Other Livestock

American Association of Bovine Practitioners
Find out more about Bovine vets and search for one in your area.

Cattle FAQ
Information for new cattle breeders and owners and seasoned breeders. Lots of helpful information on cattle care.

Chicken Care
Great chicken page with lots of information. It has plans for building chicken coops and hatching chicks.

Chicken Information
United Poultry Concerns's chicken care sheet. It has information about how to keep companion chickens happy and healthy.

Goat Breeds
A very detailed list of goat breeds with descriptions and photographs of each. Buy This Book

Katahdin Hair Sheep International
Information about breeding, showing and raising Katahdin Hair Sheep.

Lambing FAQ
Lots of information about lambing your first ewe. Even has some potential problems and solutions.

Miniature Cattle
This breeder has some FAQs about miniature cattle and some buyer information. If you like what you see, you can even purchase a calf from him.

Sheep Breeds
A very detailed list of sheep breeds with descriptions and photographs of each.