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The Aviary
Lists common bird illness and some treatments.

Information for caring about your pet bird or wild birds.

Birds N Ways
A guide to all exotic birds. They have information on many species's care, breeding and showing.

Canary FAQ
Some questions and answers about Canary care, breeds, history and husbandry.

Claims to be the best Cockatiel site on the web. It does indeed have a wealth of information on most aspects of Cockatiel care.

Parakeet Health Care
This site tells you how to keep your bird healthy and identify when it's not. It has a helpful list of common diseases, symptons and treatments.

Learn about a few different species of finch.

National Cockatiel Society
A club dedicated to raising and caring for Cockatiels. Has a lot of information about proper care, showing and breeding.

Link Directory
Lots of links to help you find personal and informational sites about the species of bird you love.

Pet Birds
This page is full of information and photos of birds of all species.

Pet Finch Care
The finch makes a wonderful pet, and it's important to know how to care for these unique little birds. There are various species of finches available.

Vet's Parrot Info
Lots of tips on feather plucking, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and other common pet bird problems.

Association of Avian Vets: Bird Care
Tips on choosing and taking care of your bird from the AAV.