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From Amanda:
Choosing a Tank
Find out what you need to consider before you invest in an aquarium. Part 1 of a 4 part series on setting up your first aquarium.

Getting the right equipment
What you need to buy to get your aquarium up and running. Part 2 of a 4 part series on setting up your first aquarium.

Feeding a piranha
Who knew it'd be so hard to feed a piranha? Contrary to popular belief, these fish can be picky eaters (and they won't even eat their human caregivers)! Here's some info on the care and housing of these unique fish!

Oscars as Pets
Do Oscars get along with anyone? Find out more about this interesting fish.

Aqua Art Ponds
This site has some beautiful examples of ponds and information about pond planning, setup and care of koi, plants and water.

Aquatics Unlimited
Lots of articles on ponds, tropical fish, reef tanks, marine fish and more.

Betta Talk
A great site for to learn about bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish). Breeding & care info and supplies can be found here.
Photos, beginner info and tank info on many different species of Cichlids. They also have a community feature so you can make some friends.

This site contains many useful articles on freshwater and saltwater aquarium care. It has some DIY plans, mailing lists and frequently asked questions.

This site is a great site for kids and very, very beginning aquarist. The language and information is very simple, but it gives advice on choosing fish, tanks and setting them up!

Fish Link Central
Great resource for finding information about a specific species of fish. This site contains links to many other sites on the web.

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Freshwater Fish
Information on all aspects of freshwater fish. Visit the articles, photos and links.

Live Aquaria
You can buy saltwater fish here, but they have a wealth of information about fish keeping and you can ask them questions.

Lots of information on marine corals. This is a research organization that is producing captive propagated corals.

How Test Kits Work
Learn about the chemistry behind your test kits.

Ocean Rider Seahorses
Captive breed seahorses with information about wild seahorses and seahorse care on their site.

Saltwater Fish
A great resource with hundreds of photos, articles and lots of information about reef tanks and fish only tanks.

Seahorses are beautiful, but hard to care for. Let these experts help you before you rush out and get one.

Buy This Book WetWeb Media
Great articles on all types of aquatic animals. Their marine and pond articles are excellent!