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From Amanda:
A little info about this dessert dwelling rodent. They are like big gerbils!

Should you get an exotic pet?
Some things to think about before you buy an exotic pet.


Buy This Book Care and Feeding
An article that has a lot of information on care, housing and feeding of a chinchilla.

Chinchilla Etc.
Lots of articles about chinchillas. Learn how to setup a cage, how to pick your chinchilla, how to feed them and more.


Buy This Book The Hedgehog FAQ
Information on many of the frequently asked questions that hedgehog owners have.

The International Hedgehog Club
This club is dedicated to the care and welfare of hedgehogs. It has some information about hedgehogs as pets and you can join for even more.

The Flying Hedgehog
This page has lots of questions and answers and links to other sites.

Hedge Hobby
My favorite hedgehog page. This site is great. It has information about breeding, feeding, care, clubs, color and more. Lots of stuff to read about.

Sugar Gliders

Buy This Book International Sugar Glider Association
Informing and educating the public of the responsibilities of owning Sugar Gliders and how to provide proper care for Sugar Gliders as pets

Ruth's Sugar Glider Pages
A lot information about sugar gliders including what they are, how to breed and tame them, where to house them and what to feed them.

Great resource! lists glider friendly vets, breeding info and information for keeping gliders as pets. They have a community section where you can ask question and get answers.

Sugar Glider Info
The best resource I've found. Tons of information about everything straight from breeders and enthusiasts.