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From Amanda:
Q&A Self-Mutilating and OCDs
What can you do when your dog is mutilating herself?

Q&A Something's Bugging My Dog!
Here's some information about flea control.

Q&A Trading Spaces
Yet another introduction and is it cruel to keep dogs outside?

Q&A Fighting Pets
Help with a troublesome introduction.

Interspecies Introductions
So, you want to introduce a new pet to your old pets? Don't worry, follow these tips and the furr won't fly.

The American Kennel Club
Information on buying a purebred puppy, showing, caring for you dog, training your dog, dog laws and more. Truly a huge site with a wealth of information.

Canadian Kennel Club
Read about breed standards, upcoming shows and more.

Dog Breed Info
Learn about the breed before you buy the dog. This site has lots of information about breed's health problems, personalities and more.

Pet Lost and Found
Have you lost your dog or cat? You can search the largest directory of lost pets on the web and hopefully find your beloved pet. You can also list your pet or list a pet you found for free.

Web Owners Guide
Lots of articles and information for show dogs and pet dogs. It has breed profiles, training tips, health information, and articles about shelters, rescue, dogs and the law.

UK Kennel Club
The Kennel Club’s primary objective is to promote in every way, the general improvement of dogs and this site aims to provide a wealth of information for all dog owners and lovers.

Westminster Dog Show
The Westminster dog show is one of the most famous dog shows in the world. You can find out more about the show here and also read up on breed standards and what the judges are looking for.


Cat Fanciers Website
Designed by a group of cat breeders, exhibitors, show judges, veterinarians, and other ailurophiles (cat lovers) throughout the world, representing most cat breeds and clubs worldwide.

Cat Fanciers Association
Information on cat shows, cat breeds and cat care, and a showcase of top winning cats. You'll also find the latest news about CFA and this Web site, a tour of CFA's history, structure and goals, as well as the latest issue of our Fanc-e-Mews ezine.

Order this bookVet Info for Cats
Veterinary information pertaining to cats in a question and answer format. You can even ask a expert a question of your own.