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From Amanda:
Q&A Is My Snake Going to Kill Me?
Can a pet snake eat your child? What about disease? Find out.

Association of Reptile and Amphibian Vets
Find a vet who is licensed to deal with your reptile. Many vets do not know how to properly treat reptiles and amphibians. Make sure yours does!

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Bearded Dragons and Other Creatures
This is a breeder who sells bearded dragons, but they also have many great care sheets for their animals and other animals and lots of photos.

Box Turtle Care and Conservation
What kid hasn't found a box turtle by the side of the road and taken it home? Find out how to take care of it and what to do if you actually see one of these guys in need.

Find care sheets, information and facts about all types of frogs. You can also read some frog humor and play froggy games!

Herp Hangout
This site has free breeder listings, classified ads, reptile event listings, forums, caresheets for many different reptiles (mostly lizards for now). It's a new site but it's already got quite a bit.

Products geared toward reptiles of all kinds! Find just what your iguana, snake, lizard or turtle needs!

Keeping a Snake as a Pet
Some things to know and think about before you get a reptile or amphibian of any kind.

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Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Information
Great info on choosing which reptile is right for you and on care of many different species. Very in depth articles on green iguana care.

Newt Care
Care information on several species on newts and salamanders. Great photos.
Good resource for care, feeding, habitat and health information. They have information for most common breeds of reptiles and beginner information.
Great photos of Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, Skinks, Turtles and Tortoises and other reptiles! They also have a bit of information about keeping each species.

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Reptile Care : Turtles
This page has some general advice to think about before you get a reptile and a turtle care sheet including feeding, housing and health hazards.

So, You Think You Want a Reptile?
Some things to consider before buying your child a reptile for a pet.