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You can order any of these items through our affilite links. Just follow the link by clicking on the photo! These make great gifts for bird lovers (or birds).


cover Bird Talk
Bird talk is my favorite bird magazine! A new species is featured every month. You also get to see some great pictures, read behaviour advice and get some great bird care tips. The shopping section is also a great place to see some unique toys and accessories.


cover Parrot Toys and Play Areas
Bird toys are expensive! Learn how to keep your bird occupied at a much cheaper price by making your own stuff.
Buy This Book Gourmet Bird Food Recipes: For Your Cockatiel, Parrot, and Other Avian Companions
One of the leading causes of parrot disease is malnurtirtion. Learn how to cook up some healthy, yummy food for your bird and give him a variety of food to spice up his life.
cover The Alex Studies
Alex is reported to be the smartest bird in the world and he is the parrot that got me interested in birds many years ago. Read this book to learn more about this African Grey and how parrots think. Alex actually knows the meaning of words, not just how to mimic them!
Buy This Book The Art of Elizabeth Butterworth
This is pure eye candy. It features beautiful drawings of lots of different birds.
Buy This Book Guide to Companion Parrot Behaviour
This book is a great resource for people planning to buy a parrot. It's also good for those of you who already have one. It has some touching stories and some advice on care, behaviour, training and more. Another essential is The Guide To a Well Behaved Parrot by the same author.
Buy This Book Why Does My Bird Do That?
Get inside your bird's head and learn the roots of their behaviours. Many of the things captive birds do can be explained by wild bird behaviours. This book also shows you how to correct bad behaviours!


PETsMART.com Birds

Kaytee Kitchen Creations Pasta
Kaytee Kitchen Creations Pasta

Highly nutritious and easy to prepare "home cooked" meals for your parrot or cockatiel. Helps keep your bird from getting bored with his food!

Kaytee Rainbow Exact for Parrots
Kaytee Rainbow Exact for Parrots

Nutritionally complete extruded diet for caged birds. Pelleted foods are better for your bird than seed.

Polly's Pastel Perches
Polly's Pastel Perches

These veterinarian designed perches have a unique surface which trims your birds beak and nails with proper use Variable size encourages healthy leg and foot muscles

Polly's Twister Perches
Polly's Twister Perches

Designed by a veterinarian Polly's Twister Perches gives birds' foot and leg muscles the exercise they need to stay healthy

Pink Parrot Polly Logs: Playground Kit
Pink Parrot Polly Logs: Playground Kit

Quick and easy assembly; parts pop into place: no messy glues! For parrots & other large birds

Sisal Perches from Pink Parrot
Sisal Perches from Pink Parrot

An ideal choice for all caged birds these flexible Sisal Perches help to strenghten your bird's foot and leg muscles

Pick-A-Peanut Toys from Jungle Talk
Pick-A-Peanut Toys from Jungle Talk

Pick-A-Peanut Toys provide an excitingly interactive play and snack experience to many types of birds "Bird Tuff" nylon construction

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